Our Services

Enjoy the benefits of working with a full-service partner, your Viva Network.

Strategy, design, development and managed services – all under one roof.

Since 2010, Viva has been developing and delivering countless projects, all sharing common goals; optimize for the user experience, improving the rate of growth & improving conversion rates.  From our creative and iterative strategy logic, or technical expertise and ongoing customer support – our clients know that our team experienced industry strategists, designers, developers and project managers will tun their vision into reality.

You need to know where you’re going before you start moving.  You’ll be more time efficient and you’ll surely save money.

You need to look professional and be consistent.  Once you  have something custom, you need to protect it.

You need reliable & secure digital assets to grow your business. Invest in good tech for the long run.

Visibility is the secret. The more your target audience sees your brand, the more relevant & memorable you are.

Business Consulting

    • Vision & Company Culture
    • Mission Development
    • Start-Up Consultation
    • Reputation Management
    • Campaign Strategy
    • Campaign Management
    • Project Management
    • Technology Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Direction & Logic
    • B2B & B2C
    • Local/ State Reporting
    • Business Registration

Logos & Branding

    • Corporate Identity
    • Packaging Design
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand DNA
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Trademark Registration
    • Political Identity
    • Stationary Design
    • Color Formulation
    • Presentations
    • Brand Benchmarking 
    • Competitive Analysis

Web Design & Coding

  • Professional Websites
  • Open Source Dev.
  • Original Framework Dev.
  • Software As A Service
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce & Sales Funnels
  • Third Party API Sync
  • Data Collection & Storage
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Performance Optimization & Technical SEO
  • Domain Research/DNS Config.

Digital Marketing

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Citation Management
    • Pay Per Click
    • Pay Per Impression
    • Lead Capture
    • Email & SMS Marketing
    • Keyword/ Key Phrase Research
    • Polling & Surveys
    • Television Commercials
    • Radio Ad Placement
    • Digital Billboards

Political Campaigns

    • Campaign Management
    • Official Candidate Identity
    • Printing/Advertising Strategy
    • Mail-Out/ Digital Ad Strategy
    • Canvassing/ Phone Banking
    • Media Buy & Event Mgmt. 
    • Social Media & Digital Assets
    • Fundraising & Reporting
    • Email & SMS GOTV

Graphic Design

    • Art Direction
    • Marketing Layout
    • Brochures & Flyers
    • Event Tickets & Posters
    • Photo Editing
    • Custom Illustrations

Mobile App Design

    • iOS & Android Apps
    • Web & Mobile Integration
    • Hybrid Development
    • Loyalty/ Reward Programs
    • Gamification
    • E-Commerce Platforms
    • App Testing & Maintenance

Analog Marketing

    • Event Marketing
    • Brand Embassador
    • Door-To-Door
    • Promotional Events
    • Gorilla Marketing
    • Word-Of-Mouth
    • Local Networking

UX / UI Design

    • User Flow & Sitemaps
    • Wireframe Mapping
    • User Experience Logic
    • User Interface Design
    • Workflow Navigation
    • User Behavior Analysis
    • Prototyping & Strategy

Media Production

    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Licensed Drone Services
    • Pro Photo/Video Editing
    • Sound Engineering
    • Animation
    • Casting
    • Staging & Production
    • Various Media Capture

Hosting & Security

    • VPS & Dedicated Servers
    • Enterprise Level Hosting
    • CloudLinux OS
    • Malware & Security Audits
    • Firewall Management
    • Software Maintenance
    • Private Email Hosting
    • Mail Client Configuration  
    • Exchange Servers
    • Scheduled File Backups

Printing & Production

    • Print & Digital Billboards
    • Publications & Newspapers
    • Promotional Products
    • Silk Screening/Embroidery
    • Marketing & Sales Materials
    • Promotional Items
    • Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Content Development 
    • Copy Editing Services
    • Professional Translation

Additional Network Services

Working as a team has always been a key to our success.

Viva can help assist you not only on long term services but with a list of supporting services to help streamline your process and optimize your business for more sustainable growth.

Dedicated Project Management

We will make sure your project gets done from start to launch walking you through the entire process every step of the way to ensure your deadlines get met and your expectations exceeded every time.

Customer Technology Support

Viva SAAS clients enjoy free phone & chat support for all software, website & mobile app services. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST

Art Direction

We ensure that your message and image is conveyed to consumers properly.  They are responsible for the overall visual aspects of an advertising or media campaign and may coordinate the work of other artistic or design.

Fixed Fee/ Scoped Project

Resources for a scoped project and timeline including business analysis, strategy, development, and more.

Virtual Training

Viva’s Virtual Training designed for content authors, developers, and site administrators that can be conveniently accessed anywhere you are though our website.

Retainer/ Partial Resource

Retainer-style resource placement for increased flexibility, including strategy and managed services.

VIVA Workshops

Visioning workshops to help you: Refine Your strategy, design and development goals.