Brownsville Museum of Fine Art Brings Home The Gold in 2022 DotCOMM International Award’s Website Creativity Category, Powered by Viva!

Since its inception in 1994, AMCP has judged over 200,000 entries from throughout the world. “There were more than 2,500 entries from throughout the United States and many other countries in the dotCOMM Awards 2022 competition, the top 20% of entries won Gold.”

The BMFA has quickly become an iconic place to visit when visiting Historic Downtown’s Mittie Cultural District and now the internet knows it too. So when Viva was invited to participate in this years international DotComm Awards, we were excited to put our champ back in the ring.

Long story short,Long story short, another year later the BMFA website is not a trophy site for it’s rock solid design, development and user and indexing nicely as can be, but also top of the class for creativity!

Learning to balance the content and platform function with style and branding is an art on it’s own and the BMFA clearly gets what they need in that department because their website just won Gold in the “Website Creativity” category.

Creativity is one of the most difficult categories of competition due the lack of standard guidelines and set requirements.

This category mostly judges entries others across all industries of web design to compare and determine which one has designed and implemented more successful creative ways to present informational, graphic and interactive content, finding new solutions to the same visual problems.

The edge was how the museum had a summer camp that was branded perfectly to compliment and complement the BMFA community and culture and helps convert the building from a place to know has art, into a place we can grow as artist.

“We believe that the youth is our future and if we don’t impress on them how important they are to us by giving them the attention and respect they deserve so they know that this is really all for them and will want to follow our example and always pay it forward. By creating a corresponding youth camp brand for the BMFA, now the kids see they have something created specially for them. Our kids need to know that the BMFA is theirs so they can start to own it and feel empowered to grow and develop their self confidence as young citizens of our community and artist.” – Viva / Chief Creative Officer

The fact that the time and attention was given to a historically under-visited and undervalued information page to make sure that all website visitors especially those with special needs have all the resources available to them at the same level of quality as the rest of the information for the general public.

Special thanks and the biggest congratulations goes the Mrs. Deyanira Ramirez the Executive Director for all of her support and amazing staff for all of their hard work to keep the dream going! Also, we can’t thank enough the Board of Directors for their trust in our direction and support in our efforts to grow and market the BMFA always in the most positive light.. It’s truly an honor to be a part of the art dream team for our Brownsville community!

The competition is unique in that it reflects the role of creatives in the dynamic web that is transforming how we market and communicate products and services.
dotCOMM Awards’ categories are the elements of the web’s evolving tools. Interactivity, content, design, social media, video, apps, blogs and influencers are all important components of digital public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns. Together, they generate branding, customer engagement and ultimately sales.
dotCOMM Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), one of the largest, oldest and most respected evaluators of creative work in the marketing and communication industry.

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