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Congratulations Diocese of Brownsville, St.Mary’s Catholic School Website Wins Gold in 2021 International MarCom Awards…Powered by locals development agency, Viva Cristo Rey!

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With St. Mary’s Catholic School being our elementary school alma mater, and the St. Mary’s church being our home parish we felt responsible to contribute to the success of mission and vision of our community and wanted to give back.

Viva had been working with St. Mary’s since 2012 under the direction of Fr. Ricardo Garcia† (pastor from 2007 to 2011) having been commissioned to develop the current logo for Mary Mother of the Church Parish as well as providing marketing support for the Annual Fall Festival and the Life Teen Youth Group Ministry under the direction of Mr. Daniel Lucio.

Although the relationship had been established, out of respect for the chain of command, we approached Bishop Daniel Flores to address the declining enrollment reported to the congregation at St. Mary’s Catholic School. In an effort to continue to serve with our talents, we discussed digital capabilities of Viva and how if they were applied; Viva would update and reboot the school’s brand and web page to add functional value to the school along with for the faculty, staff, students and their families. By starting from scratch with a new platform using the latest web technologies available we could optimize with the for the best user experience. The Bishop entertained the idea and gave his blessing to approach the school.

Historically underfunded and underutilized, at least before 2016, the St. Mary’s School online presence was no more than an pixelated low-res logo and images, broken navigation links and lorem ipsum content. Since whoever set up this basic skeleton many years prior by the looks of the technologies used was unknown, nobody currently on staff had ever been trained to access or manage it besides one login that had been passed down for updating a menu image and none of it was configured to work on mobile devices which is the standard.

After discussing our conversation with the Bishop to Fr. Bert Diaz the Parish pastor & Deacon Zuniga, they consented we speak to the school administration with their blessing.

Mrs. Gomez the principal was aware of the lack of resources and attention that had been allocated for the schools online presence and reputation and understood the value that investing in a fully functional, responsive and mobile-friendly current content management system would add to the school and how it could be used to market the school to help increase enrollment and promote fundraisers.

After crunching the numbers in the church office, we learned A monthly budget was being drained on maintaining the current non-functional web page so we offered to develop a fully-functional online solution and volunteered to donate our efforts and resources at no cost and to keep up with the ongoing and necessary monthly maintenance, security and customer support for the same monthly fee that they were currently paying so it would not affect the schools budget, but this time it would be an investment. All of the logic, design, development, licenses and digital assets were donated by Viva; all other resources were billed at cost.

The agreement was made to begin development under the direction of Mr. Andrew Puckett the technology director. We were given access the “code” and we’re briefed on the needs and requirements. Once we had all of the information we needed, we got to work diligently and In the blink of an eye, 45 days past and the work was done. After the process of designing, developing and testing, Mr. Puckett went through our 30 day system trying program on how to administer the new custom features and configured CMS. During the testing process, the new fully-responsive and mobile friendly website foundation was solid and ready to build on; the site was reviewed and approved for launch and has been live!

All of the school information, online learning resources & digital tools that any student, parent or prospect could need was indexed and organized with custom graphic shortcut links for easy access. With the social media channels all set up and linked, the sharing began and the increase in traffic was well received surprise.

Long story short, since 2016 St. Mary’s Catholic School has not only seen such as increase in enrollment that despite the Covid-19 pandemic they are at full capacity. The only concern now is addressing the waiting list of students so their biggest related issue now where to put more desks to fit the growing demand now that the services are being advertised organically and are a relevant search result for online searches by parents searching for Catholic schools locally thanks to the compiled effects of the proper digital infrastructure design and indexing of the system. The feedback and reviews from the faculty and parents has been motivationally amazing has fueled the spread of attention and the site to go from none to viral to a household name.

St.Mary’s Catholic School now have full access to make updates and add content to help let their shining light be seen online!

Viva is very blessed, grateful and proud to be able to serve and contribute to the positive growth of our church community with our vocations and for the opportunity to not only get St.Mary’s Catholic School online. 

We would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed to this awesome effort and congratulate the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville School District’s St. Mary’s Catholic School on their new industry standard mobile-responsive website design that compliments the highest educational standards and dedication to faith based education. This award officially labels and categorizes St.Mary’s Catholic School as an international gold award winning website and takes the digital reputation to the next level.

In a world which lacks faith today, technology if used for the right reasons as help can give people hope for a better tomorrow!

Viva St. Mary’s Catholic School & Viva Cristo Rey!

MarCom Awards is an international creative competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. Entries come from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, public relations firms, design shops, production companies, and freelancers.

MarCom Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The international organization consists of several thousand creative professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges, and sets standards for excellence.

As part of its mission, AMCP fosters and supports the efforts of creative professionals who contribute their unique talents to public service and charitable organizations. Over the past few years, AMCP’s Advisory Board has allocated over $250,000 in grants and contributions to support philanthropic efforts like COVID-19 relief efforts.

Judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talents exceed a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. There were over 6,000 entries from 41 countries in the MarCom Awards 2021 competition.

The Gold Award is presented to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. Approximately 24 percent of participants were Gold Winners.

Being a Gold Winner is a tremendous achievement symbolized by the intricately detailed MarCom statuette. The MarCom graces the trophy cases of some of the top business and communication firms in the world. The statuette was created by Society Awards, a high-end design and manufacturing firm that recently updated the Golden Globe, Clio, MTV, and Academy of Country Music awards.

The St.Mary’s Catholic School Website was designed & developed by Viva Media Group.


– St.Mary’s Catholic School WEBSITE: –



Bishop Daniel Flores

– Monsignor Heberto Diaz – Pastor, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

 Deacon Luis Zuniga – Parish Deacon, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

– Ana Gomez – Principal – St. Mary’s Catholic School

– Andrew Puckett – Administrator of Technology – St. Mary’s Catholic School

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