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Viva Media Group Brings Home Another “Gold Wings” Award For Housing Authority City of Brownsville Logo, in the 2021 International Hermes Digital Creative Competition!

Another Gold International Award from Viva to The HACB With Gratitude & Respect for your trust and direction! Shining a positive light on our city with our gifts is how we can give back and we're proud to serve, Viva HACB!

The story is short and sweet, the HACB was in desperate need of a brand, an identity like a solid foundation that they could grow on and expand their services. The HACB process was put in place and Viva Media Group was selected by HACB/BHOC C.O.B. Ms. Carla Mancha and her executive board to design, develop and create a timeless and unique corporate brand identity. Now the ball was in Viva’s court and and all of the paperwork was out of the way, it was time for the creative process to begin.

Brand development is the foundation so it needs to be solid, no pressure for Viva but the city is watching! It was important to really get to know and understand the HACB and it’s culture and people as an organization as well as their services and how they tie-in with their mission & vision goals. After touring some of their offices & properties it was time to put pencil to paper and let the design process begin. The Viva design team is lead by the International award winning art director, Chief Creative Officer Mr. Guillermo Chapa.

To keep it short, the logo was developed and approved by Ms. Mancha herself and the transformation started. Soon after the all of the utility vehicles had their HACB logo on the doors looking clean and classy as they serve our community! The thing that makes this sweet is that 5 years later the logo was nominated for an International Hermes Digital Creative Award and brought home the Gold for the HACB and the City of Brownsville with their now International Gold Award Winning Logo | Corporate Identity”!

Congratulations to the HACB & Viva Media Group team on developing such an amazing brand for city and organization, truly timeless and unique and now also award winning.. kinda has a nice ring to it!

Viva Brownsville y Viva HACB!




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