VIVA’s team is working from home and fully operational during these unprecedented times. How can we assist you today? Wins Gold Hermes Digital Website Creative Award! Viva Gina Carano!

It’s been a few months since we launched, what an adventure it’s been so far. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the community and listening to what you love the most about Gina.

Something that was not common knowledge, however, was that originally started as a space for fans of Cara Dune to come together in one virtual space to connect with each other. However, following Gina’s exit from the Star Wars Universe, we realized we had the opportunity to achieve something much bigger and bring more people together over one common interest: supporting Gina Carano. The concept for was then fully realized.

Once we finalized the concept for the website, one of our team members, Daniel, introduced us to a talented web development company, Viva Media Group, aka @VIVA_365. The VIVA team is lead by Mr. Edward James Rodriguez and Mr. Guillermo Chapa, both of whom worked with the team to construct the website based on the specific concept and specification we gave them.

With the new social media community plattfom hosting a safe place for the rebels to unite and plan, the support for Gina has only increased in momentum and it seems that the lady who fired her was fired and now Gina is being asked to return to Disney and the Star Wars Universe to keep Cara Dune alive for the fan.

It appears that the internet really must be watching because the wins keep on coming for Gina, it appears that all of the hard work and dedication from the team that has gone into has paid off. Yesterday it was revealed that had been nominated and won Gold in the 2021 Hermes International Creative Awards for Fan-Site / Website Overall / Social & Interactive Media. Viva The Rebellion! Viva Team Gina! Viva Gina Carano!

. A massive congratulations to VIVA for winning this award and for their fine work on!

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