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FAA Grants VIVA Media Group Section 333 Exemption, part of the “Grand”; Only FAA Certified Commercial UAS Operators in Brownsville, TX!

FAA Grants Viva Media Group Commercial UAS Exemption And Air Worthiness Certificate, This marks another aviation landmark for the aviation in the decorated city of Brownsville. First & Only FAA Certified Drone Business in Brownsville!

In 2015 it seemed that everyone was talking about drones, the latest and greatest disruptive technology since since the machines first took flight! While the airspace was a virtual “wild west” at the time as far as unmanned aircraft was concerned since the FAA not did not have regulations in place to keep up with the surge of “drone” sales that started filling the sky’s with flying cameras and the concerns were many!

While all other local drone operations were unauthorized by the FAA or nearest air traffic control tower, in this case KBRO, Viva Media Group was leading by example getting educated, getting legal before letting the excitement of flying drones creating any unnecessary increased risks in the air. Viva Media Group partner Mr. Edward James Rodriguez formally submitted the official request for exemption from the airspace regulations in place and Viva was granted the 333 commercial exemption as well as their Air Worthiness Certificate for aerial photography, videography & surveying and thermal imaging.

“We’re proud to add to the richness of the aviation history our great city of Brownsville by being the first commercial drone operators of many to come i’m sure as the technology becomes easier to use and more accessible to enthusiasts and creatives. Someone needs to lead the way and we’re glad we could be an example that anything is possible in Brownsville and that things can be done the right way the first time with focus, dedication, faith and attention to detail.”

With no example or direction, the Viva Media Group figured out what they needed to learn and did it quickly and professionally so much so that they were initiated as part of what FAA called “the Grand”, as the first round of 1,000 FAA Section 333 exemption request approvals, bringing the total to 1,008 Section 333 Commercial Exempt operators nationwide. What about all of the other drone pilots out there? Being a pilot allows one to operate the drone, like a hobby for recreational reasons and certifies that the operator understand the airspace rules and safety regulations. Our umbrella waiver or C.O.A. (Certificate of Authorization) allows us special permissions and authorizations are based on our expertise in the unmanned aviation technology hardware and software industry.

Not sure how you run or would a business but I would recommend hiring the most qualified, authorized & certified professional you can find, and make sure they’re insured!

Ready To Fly! Viva KBRO & Viva Brownsville Aviation!

The Rio Grand Valley is a growing surrounded by ports & borders, it’s destined to find it’s historic identity in it’s modern approach and solutions and to one day sooner than later drones will be constantly visible in the sky hard at work and maybe even one day rockets over our future city skyline and it had to start somewhere, it started with Viva & it started in Brownsville!

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