Qniro Questionnaire App

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Qniro – Applifying Your Questionnaire

Gone are the days of filling a questionnaire with a pen or a pencil. Gone are the days of physically submitting your questionnaire. Just complete the questionnaire, click on submit and you are done. No need to browse through thousands of questionnaires to find the one you are looking for. Enter the unique 6-digit Qniro code and you will have your questionnaire in front of you in no time

Qniro allows you to create questionnaires and share them with your customers, students or friends instantly. With it’s user friendly and sleek interface and quick speed, you will have your questionnaire ready within seconds on a click of a button.

Once you have invited the users you wish to provide access to your questionnaire, they would receive a unique 6-digit Qniro code. They can use this code to find your questionnaire on our Qniro mobile application within seconds.

Every year around 3 billion to 6 billion trees are cut down. Every small step to preserve the environment counts. Qniro helps you eliminate the need of distributing papers to collect feedback by letting your customers fill in the questionnaire on their smartphones and thus preserving the environment.


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