About VIVA Media Group

Who Are We?

Here at VIVA Media Group, we pride ourselves in being a solutions based marketing firm.   With a home base in Brownsville, Texas, we’ve been helping clients throughout the Rio Grande Valley and in other Texas cities succeed for almost 7 years.  We’ve definitely raised the bar in our communities of what to expect from our industry.  Our team formulates strategic initiatives based on the specific needs of our clients.  It’s important to understand the current status and future goals of a client.  Why not identify end results and move backwards to ensure effective solutions?  Our clients don’t pay for marketing services, they invest in their business, vision or project!  

Our Strengths

What You See Is What You Get
Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder when referring to visual marketing?  Maybe not.  Design is the backbone of visual marketing.  It incentivizes prospects and patrons to stay longer, learn more and spend money.  Effective visual solutions are not easily accomplished.  Creativity and vision are not easily found.  Our design professionals understand that each project is special and each one deserves quality and skill.  Whether it’s a one man shop or an outfit with many employees, we’ll make them look larger and more professional. 
That Little Thing They Call Code
Code and scripting languages sound a little foreign and not yummy at all, right?  Well, we have a team of developers that eat that stuff for breakfast.  If a client requires certain tasks to be automated and executed, we’ll create a unique environment conducive to meeting those needs.  These solutions range from simple static web page development to full Content Management Systems (CMS) using the latest open source platforms to building original framework from scratch to complicated software application development.  We stay ahead of the curve with the latest technologies and we’re always adding to our information base. 
Straight Up Marketing
When you hear of a product or service, it’s because someone, somewhere is being proactive in marketing it.  If you’re thinking or talking about it, they did a good job.   Traditional marketing mediums work well but then adding in more aggressive, local “guerrilla” marketing efforts for better balance is always a good idea.  There is a secret to marketing.  It’s in front of all of us but not usually recognized.  Are you ready? One word: Visibility! Now you know. It’s that simple. Contact Us today for a FREE consultation.  We’ll gladly elaborate on what most want to know about creatively staying visible while effectively marketing themselves and/or their business.

Our VIVA Directors

They Carefully Manage Every Project And Are Dedicated To Excellence.

HOME Media Director / UAV Pilot Mr. Chapa

"Don Memo" & his team of award winning designers are masters of the shape and color universe.

HOME Marketing Director / Production Manager Mr. Rodriguez

"Mr. Relations" is the go-to guy for better branding, visibility, traffic & sales...and two hour lunches!

HOME Programming Director Mr. Shah

"Peter Pan" and his talented team of nerds are program wizards. If you can think it, we'll code it.

HOME Video Production Director Mr. Liendo

Our video ninjas make it look easy! Mr. Liendo has experience working at MTV, VH1 & Comedy Central.

HOME Sales Director / Senior Project Manager Mr. Chavez

Behind the scenes he works his magic making numbers turn from red to black!

HOME Aerial Director / Sr. UAV Pilot Mr. Smith

Our flying squad captain has wings and chops to go anywhere to catch the perfect angle every time!